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Newgrounds Summer Festival - Update #2

Posted by Stanpai - May 17th, 2021


Hey everyone, Stanpai here with another update for the Newgrounds Summer Festival!

If you haven't already, be sure to read Update #1 before continuing!

Attendee Registration is Now Open!

The Newgrounds Summer Festival attendee registration form is now open, and that means you can now formally sign up as an event attendee. Your invitation to the event Discord will be processed by one of our team members after verifying your information, so please keep an eye on your email inbox!

As mentioned in previous updates, you must be 18 or older to gain access to the event Discord. Those who are unable to verify their age are still welcome to watch the public YouTube livestream.

Register for the Newgrounds Summer Festival Here!

NGSF Animation Project

Would you like to collaborate on an original animation to help promote the Newgrounds Summer Festival?

Back in the 80s, two original animations were produced to commemorate the opening of the DAICON Science Fiction convention. While I certainly do not have ambitions for anything as extravagant as these productions, given the overwhelming number of talented animators, illustrators, musicians and more here on Newgrounds, it doesn't seem totally impossible to build a team that can put something fun together. Participants would be expected to produce only a few seconds of animation apiece that would, when combined, represent the spirit of the Newgrounds Summer Festival. Other forms of contribution could include backgrounds, still-images, pixel art and otherwise.

Because this will require a great number of talent and coordination, I am currently scouting potential collaborators for this endeavor. Send me a DM to declare your interest with the subject "NGSF Animation - [Animator/Illustrator/Etc]" , and I'll review your existing body of work to see if it's a good fit. Put your best foot forward and let's make something magical!

Creators of all ages are welcome to apply. What matters most is your existing portfolio of work, so show me what you've got!

A decision on whether or not this is happening will be made a week from now based on participant turnout, so please do not delay in reaching out as soon as possible.

Gamedev Showcase Registration Now Open!

Are you working on a video game and looking to get some eyes on your project? The Newgrounds Summer Festival is accepting applicants for our very own Gamedev Showcase. We're looking for titles that are far enough along to have a trailer or brief gameplay demo to be shown during the event. They can be web-based titles like you find here on Newgrounds or something with plans for a commercial release.

As for what games are applicable, we are welcoming applications for titles ranging across all potential age ratings, but said games must be compliant with Newgrounds and Discord terms of service. We are prioritizing working titles and not just conceptual prototypes, so please keep this in mind when applying.

NSFW submissions are also welcome, but please note that games with prospective ratings of M or AO will require age verification. Games too mature for the main showcase will be showcased in a Discord-exclusive after-hours feature instead.

Click here to apply for the Gamedev Showcase!

Panels & Special Events

With a variety of different panels already on the table, we have also seen some interesting proposals for events during the festival ranging from concerts to drawpiles. The creativity of those who want to bring something to share with the community has been refreshing to see.

For those who are still unsure about what kind of panels to host, I suggest taking a look at some of your local conventions and perusing their schedules to get an idea of what sort of content gets submitted. For example, here's the schedule from one of my favorite events to staff and panel at- Holiday Matsuri. Bringing something fun to the table is what matters most, so if you're interested in participating, do not hesitate to fill out the panel application!

Note: You must be 18 years of age or older to host a panel.

Click here to fill out the Panel Application Form

The Panel Submission Deadline is June 1st- only two weeks away!

Art & Assets

As always, we're still keeping an eye out for submissions to the #NGSummerFest2021 tag on the Art Portal. A handful of you have done your part to contribute to the collection, and I'm absolutely thrilled to see the pieces you've been uploading. Remember to aim for a 1920 x 1080 canvas size to ensure it will fit into the rotation neatly!

This update's bangin' banner art is by @ImKevin. See it in its full glory below!

Outside of banners and wallpapers, I'm also interested in seeing some transparent PNGs of characters doing various things that we can use during the event and on promotional posts like these. I'm always excited to see what you all have to share, so don't hesitate to reach out as always!

That's all for this update! As always, thank you for reading. Can't wait to see what amazing things are in store for this event. Its success sits on the shoulders of the users of our wonderful site, and that means you.

As always, feel free to leave any questions, suggestions or comments below.





I submitted a panel application, but I've been thinking and I have a different, better idea of what I want to do for it. Maybe. I'm still not sure.

If it's the same panel you can mix things up, but if it's a totally different one you can send in another app.

Ah, is there a specific size for making the transparent PNGs? I think it would be fun to contribute to these! Also for the Discord verification, what would we need to be able to be granted access? Would that require specific documents?

Any size could potentially work for png.
As for age, we accept any form of ID or if you have an alternate option that can be used to verify just give us the details.

I'm excited to see everyone's projects! I have a question about the Gamedev showcase form, will there be a chance to change the Game Trailer link before the event? (I'm still working on cleaning up visuals.) If not, is there a deadline yet for Gamedev showcase submissions? Thank you!!

Yes if necessary. As long as it's a few days notice I'm good.

Hey holy shit I am a huge Daicon iv fan. I've even browsed the Japanese market from time to time for the unlikely chance of finding an actual cel. I did get excited at first because I thought it would be an a collab to remake Daicon with animators. I'd possibly be down to help out with the project, although my schedule has been crazy as of late. All the best to you!

This looks like a great time! The events listed sound like a lot of fun.

I have a question for the game trailer submissions. Do they only apply to brand new games or could it apply to massive updates to existing games on the site? We have a big expansion planned to one of our current games and I think a trailer debuting during this event might be fun. (Think something along the lines of a Smash character reveal or another DLC announcement, but its a free update coming soon.) I understand if you'd want to prioritize new IPs, but I figured I'd ask just to see!

Either way, I'm looking forward to what everyone puts down!

how to attend? my brain smol

envie una solicitud para participar al panel con arte pero como lo envio?

But...what if you're 16 years old?