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Really nice style! Simple animation with nice shortcuts for productivity reasons.

This was cute. Very reminiscent of Summer fest cartoon in the intro and outro. I think it would benefit the project greatly to not put a watermark for each creator and instead put the credits after. The watermark detracts from the project. Rough around the edges but all in all very nice.

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An excellent, adorable and enjoyable game. Great work given the time restraints.
I give it 5/5 because I know how it was made. With that said, I also think you should have told players what the penalty combo does in the last map.

I'll call off my armed militia.

A game that would have been perfect for the DS as many would agree.
Would love to see that ROM someday. Talk about Power of Three! Great job everyone!

The atmosphere and tone is nice, as are the graphics, but the actual gameplay is very limited. I also found the walk speed to be atrocious.

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It's fair to call this messy, but your choice in instruments is mostly pleasant. The tracks in this track don't really make a whole lot of sense in relation to one another. They are all doing their own thing. In a way, it sounds like two people on their own separate path. The first minute is too long in my opinion, if I didn't have the visual waveform to refer to, I would probably not have had as much hope after the first 30 seconds because of how much time gets spent there.

Either way, I'm really glad you're making music. If you like how it sounds, then you've appealed to the most important demographic. Keep making more. I think you'll eventually reach that point where you can put your music into video and game projects confidently.

SkeleBum responds:

Thank you Stan! Hopefully one day my stuff won't be clusters of noise, improvement is a rocky road after all! Thanks again!

Feels like something out of Tohou! Nice job. I'm not crazy about the instruments used, but the song itself is very enjoyable.

ElToshiro96 responds:

thanks i was inspired by touhou at the moment when i compose it... and i'm feel happy that you enjoy this

This is sick! When I hear a song that I can also see despite not having anything to look at or picture, you've done a killer job.

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While I'm not a fan of the rough brush that you used, the overall piece is very appealing to look at. The background is fairly simple, but that also stops it from distracting the viewer. Great job!

Funny but mean spirited. It made me chuckle but also feel bad.
Proportions are pretty whacky. You've got potential for sure, keep working on locking down your style.

Voice actor, video producer, and all around content creator.

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