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I like videos like this that offer some external context. Clean up your art a bit further and keep smoothing out your animation, this is definitely the right direction!

fidelako responds:

This helps a lot, I have a hard time understanding how to end up with a clean-looking result when it comes to digital art and animation, will definitely keep it in mind! thanks a lot!

I hate to throw around the word "genius", but you are a creative genius. I simply cannot use another way to describe your unique approach to writing, story-telling, and most of all, animation. I do not understand how a person like you is not world-famous for your creations. It is a horrifying thought that such talent is under-appreciated for some reason.

Schuschinus responds:

Thanks! It´s often said, story is the central thing and the visuals should only serve the story. I do exactly the opposite. I have ideas for visuals and crazy concepts, then use story to lead from one effects shot to the next with very flexible dream-logic. When I start making a film, I have no idea, how it´s going to end. Since it takes so much time to make them, I have time to think about it and often adapt new ideas in the process.

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24 is my high score. I absolutely adore this game.

Love the concept. You hooked me with the title for obvious reasons. Love the Gappy player character. A really cool game! Love the mechanic. It's like a stand encounter!

Game still holds up. A timeless classic.

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I love it! Wish there was a download button so I could take it with me!

CrispyCroc responds:

Thank you! <3

The intro definitely captures the frozen feeling and I liked the piece. I think it gets a bit too fast and becomes more like a story of a killer or something hiding out in stone place near the sea. Unnerving tension. The mystery feels menacing or ominous.

x-Petrichor-x responds:

Thanks for the critique. Still new to this so it's great to hear feedback. Def gonna take tempo into account for the future :)

Excellent cover!

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Nico Nico Newgrounds! 🎶

A submarine! Of course! I was wondering how they handle aquatic warfare!

Oh yeah baby. What're we drinkin'?

PixelPunk808 responds:

a blue Hawaii garnished with a cherry

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