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Happy birthday!

I'm really proud of how far you've come creatively in the last few years. The use of mixed media in this really gives it a lot more punch than if it had been a purely animated work, and I think also elevates the style tremendously. The character illustrations for example, are not something that breaks any new ground on their own, but the stop motion elements around them give them a depth that makes it something more.

The use of the text as the background was also brilliant, I assume this was an adaptation of another story but told through a new perspective. My biggest regret is that I had seen the previously posted comment / reply before the video loaded, so I didn't get to try and interpret the meaning myself. I think the mindful choices of pages and even the content on the corks was very tasteful and interesting.

In relation to your journey I think about the conversation you and I had back when producing the Newgrounds Winter Fest animation, and how you were specifically brought on for your photo work to be used as potential background assets before you also dove into creating animated 2D assets as well, and I feel as though I can follow the trajectory of your style alongside this and your older photo work.

I believe as your art style continues to develop and sharpen, you will find a steady audience that enjoys the way you use stop-motion in tandem with illustrations to offer something visually different and stimulating. When those illustrations reach a new plateau, this 4.5 will become a 5/5. Continue developing your illustrations and don't lose your grip on the way you use physical media in tandem with it. You have the potential to take this style extremely far.

Stick with a good sound designer as well, that really added a lot to the experience for building depth. You could also experiment with more lighting techniques to really take it further.

I really feel like a failure to not have any feedback for improvement because your style and execution was flawless. This is sincerely such a beautifully put together cartoon in all relevant aspects. If I force a comment, it's that the mic quality could be improved but that's so unimportant and did not detract from the video that I'm nitpicking just to offer some kind of commentary. Of course this video is also 12 years old so why am I even doing all that?

It doesn't matter. What a great little piece this was. Glad you're still making stuff in present day.

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A simple but perfectly functional platformer. I enjoyed it despite it being so normal if that makes sense. Some of the SFX were grating and I think the wall jump was not obvious enough, I figured it out fast enough but some people might never. Also, you can reset the timer at the end by jumping on it. The escape portion was brutal, the music was good as setting the tension.

Good job! Keep it up.

An excellent, adorable and enjoyable game. Great work given the time restraints.
I give it 5/5 because I know how it was made. With that said, I also think you should have told players what the penalty combo does in the last map.

I'll call off my armed militia.

A game that would have been perfect for the DS as many would agree.
Would love to see that ROM someday. Talk about Power of Three! Great job everyone!

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Believe in the Net!

I hope you are safe. Your music is beautiful, I pray for peace with you.

It's fair to call this messy, but your choice in instruments is mostly pleasant. The tracks in this track don't really make a whole lot of sense in relation to one another. They are all doing their own thing. In a way, it sounds like two people on their own separate path. The first minute is too long in my opinion, if I didn't have the visual waveform to refer to, I would probably not have had as much hope after the first 30 seconds because of how much time gets spent there.

Either way, I'm really glad you're making music. If you like how it sounds, then you've appealed to the most important demographic. Keep making more. I think you'll eventually reach that point where you can put your music into video and game projects confidently.

NeuromancaEspa responds:

Thank you Stan! Hopefully one day my stuff won't be clusters of noise, improvement is a rocky road after all! Thanks again!

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Good use of DBZ reference poses.
Nice overall.

Very faithful to the original style. The missing1/2 star is because there work is just bust-up with no background (I know it was a comm). It looks really clean, you did a great job.

This feels like the middle point of Shin Megami Tensei and Devil May Cry.
(Not Featuring Dante from the Devil May Cry Series)

Image feels very "soft", like a smooth collection of all of its parts together in a tapestry of the same fabric and at risk of dissolving into itself. It's really pretty. The extra half-star I think has to do with that contrast, because while everything really neatly stands out as distinct, I feel like the slightest tap would make all of it melt into each other, which perhaps captures the dream-state of the work in the first place.

Ruedefaux responds:

oh shit hi stanpai long time no see LOL

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