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Now THIS is bizarre adventure.
Not a whole lot going on here, but the execution was interesting. I would like to see more than just the few illustrated components. I liked the way you used the audio for dialogue, that was quite cool, it reminded me of a Suda51 game.

I really enjoyed this quite a bit. I feel like you keep improving and improving. The pacing was not quite right, there were certain moments that dragged overlong or didn't quite move at the perfect pace for delivery, but especially as you continue to progress with your craft, I see the iterative improvement. I would very much enjoy seeing more of this trio, and not just because I'm voicing one of them.

Sound was inconsistent, certain lines were too loud or too quiet at different times. Keep an ear out for that in the future as well. That's the only thing that brought this from a 4 to a 3.5 after I watched it a second time.

Krasis responds:

Thanks for the honest feedback Stan, glad you enjoy it!
This one was definitely a learning experience to make and you're right that I've got plenty of room for improvement. I'm excited for what the future holds.

This is decently funny but only amounts to 3-5 unique frames. That's why it's a low score. I enjoyed it, regardless.

Great work as always. Captain's surgery went great.

TheGaboefects responds:

Thank you man, but you have to be careful with what you say!!!!
You are too important in this site, if you say something theres a good chunk of people here that would believe you no matter what!
I fear if you validate the stupid things my mind randomly makes eventually enough people believing in it will conjure a scary tulpa into the world. o.O

Gratuitous fanservice. The missing star is for your lack of audio.
I'd be happy to lend a voice here and there if you need it for projects like this. That aside, you should definitely make sure these aren't silent!

Your style and material are such a treat every time. I hope to someday get the chance to work with you.

Exquisite. Just like her dancing.


This should be in the art portal, not the movie portal.

Collaborations like this bring out the best of this community. This production absolutely rocks. The updated character list that comes with 15 years of media between then and now really makes for something spectacularly fun. Terrific job with animation flow between each segment. The various styles and presentations used also were well executed in a way that didn't feel too strange when art styles changed. Great job everyone!

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