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Simplicity and wonderful tribute.

SilverwareGames responds:


I lol'd

I laughed, I cried... I think I know you IRL.

Rather, I know your sister. BUT I DIGRESS

This was funny, and I respect the one-liners before each round. I approve.
Also being Jewish makes this easier to accept.

Rabid-Animals responds:

I'll allow it.

Perfectly Fine

I won't take it out on you for getting front page, that has nothing to do with this review.

In all fairness this is not a bad thing its just hardly anything at all. yes the art is nice but there is nothing to this except for a minimal amount of programming, art, and animation. Again, nothing wrong with it its just not worthy of a perfect score at all due to its length.

imjeffhip responds:

tis the point

Pretty fun

but too short, too easy for veterans, and frankly, decent work.

RetardedNINJA666 responds:

Thanks for the review

interseting...but... possibly anti semitic?

i found the fact that one item that takes away from your "enlightenment" was a symbol resembling the star of david, the symbol for the Jewish religion, and frankly, immediately turned me offl, though the game was a little interesting, the fact people could be offended takes away from your score. Next time,, to avoid this problem, take a minute to think about the items in the game. still, the game was an eye-catcher!

Grawsie responds:

I am sorry that you missunderstood, the one eyed triangle foe is not, nor was it intented to be a Star of David.

When designing the enemies of the game I tried to base many of the off of simple shapes such as orbs (the moon-faces) squares (the blob monsters) and triangles (the cyclopses and grin bosses) and so on and so forth. While I'm sure that it did cross my mind that the two triangles stacked on top one another do resemble the Jewish symbol, the intent was always to be two triangles and not a star (as seen later in the red variant of that foe who is made up of a simular design but with both triangles spinning).

While I can understand your concern, your statment "the fact people could be offended takes away from your score" saddens me. If you truely feel that way that's fine, I wont try to change your mind on that, but I will say that as an artist I would never concer myself to accomidate people who are over sensitive to something such as symble closely resembling anouther. Not that I'm calling you over sensitive, but I am saying that it is dangerious to go out our way to accomidate those who are. People need to learn to look for the intent of words and symbols and not jump to conclusions with out first getting the whole picture.

Basicly, to sum it all up: That character came into my mind as that shape, and so I made him so, if I had changed him then I would be betraying my artistic integrity, while that may not matter to some it matters to me, so I chose to leave him looking as he does. While it does depress me that some may interpret him the wrong way, to me it is more important to risk offending the few and leave him as he is then to endorse censorship of any kind.

Hopefully that made sense, and thank you for you comments.

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