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Stanpai's News

Posted by Stanpai - April 30th, 2018


Coming soon to Newgrounds is a brief little short I put together around some audio and an idea. I've been entertaining the idea of Hank Hill's Bizarre Adventure for quite some time, but this week I'll finally be dropping a sort of proof of concept for the joke.

Working around my own audio recording of Hank lecturing a certain villain, this was something I wanted to take further than just an audio upload. With that said, I hope you'll all enjoy Hank Hill's Bizarre Adventure when it drops this Thursday here on Newgrounds and on my YouTube channel.

Thanks for reading. I'll see you all in Arlen this week.




Posted by Stanpai - March 1st, 2018

Could I interest you in some Steamed Hams?

It's been just over eight years since my last proper attempt at animation, and what an 8 years it has been.

In all that time, a lot happened. I graduated highschool, then went off to university and graduated again. I worked a "real job" and got a lot of experience across all of my different skill sets. Now, an adult in my 20-somethings, I return to Newgrounds with a parody animation.

Newgrounds for me served as a place of true awakening during my youth. This is the site that showed me that I could be anything- an animator, a voice actor, a creator. It is with pride that I bring something back home after all this time. I also want to mention that I've taken the opportunity to become a Newgrounds supporter, and if you have the means, you should too.

Outside of Newgrounds, I've been doing a lot of video production work on my YouTube channel over the last year. I upload at least once a week. Whether it's voice acting, parodies like below, audio remixes or who knows what, my channel serves as a solid place to see what I'm up to. Please check it out and consider subscribing if you like what you see.

Finally, please check out my latest animation, Pop Steam Hams, and let me know what you think. If it makes you smile, I've completed my mission.

Click here to watch Pop Steam Hams

-TheManlyStanley | Stanpai

Long live Newgrounds.


Posted by Stanpai - January 17th, 2013

Hey all you Mama Luigis!

I did all the voice work in an animation

Go check out MARIO: IN A JIFF

Mama Luigi!


Posted by Stanpai - December 23rd, 2012

I've accepted my role in this universe. Though I may dab in other things for fun, the best thing I can contribute to newgrounds is my voice.

If you want a voice actor of huge range, I'm your guy.

Just look at that face, how could you resist?

Voice Acting


Posted by Stanpai - January 17th, 2010

Been a long ass time since I uploaded or said anything here. I just uploaded a couple of pictures of mine onto the art portal, so check em out.


Posted by Stanpai - May 15th, 2009


Yes... The picture is lame.....

So... where the hell is the SF COLLAB!?!?


Posted by Stanpai - February 20th, 2009

Earlier this week, my friend came to me desperately needing help so he can fulfill his dream of making a comic book. He requested that I draw some characters for him. I told him that I must be given full rights to the characters and he is to tell me when he wants something changed, so that i can redraw the character with his changes in mind.
A few days ago, I drew for him two characters. One he had a rough template to base it on, the other he described for me to do from scratch. I finished one character. I gave him the sketchbook. He took it home and returned the next day. He had taken my original drawing, erased parts of it, and had drawn over them in his own way, for lack of a better word bastardizing it.
As an artist, there is one thing I absolutely hate, and that is when people take editing of someone else's work into their own hands without the permission or advisory of the artist. I take such an action very personally and as an insult to my work.
I am sure many other artists, if not all feel the same way about people taking their creations and making them their own, removing the different pieces and details that embody the true artist's style. Each artist uses what they draw as self expression and to reveal their style to the world. To implement your own choices without talking to the creator is like kidnapping a child, and raising it without the input of the parent.
I make this post as a protest, and a request. I would like to ask all people to respect an artists artwork, because each piece is made with a part of the artist inside of it, and when you take that away, you are taking a part of the artist's soul.
Thank You,
-Stanley Kuschick


Posted by Stanpai - February 3rd, 2009

At last, after weeks of work, school, rehearsals, and such, I have finished my Street Fighter Parosy for the collaboration. I think it looks pretty nice, and I am proud to have completed it. After a few times going over it, maybe adding some small tweaks, I will send it in, and try to cram so I can make ANOTHER animation before the deadline!

Well, if things go my way, things will be looking pretty bright for me. Good luck to evryone else who made a submission for the collab. Hope to see some great turnouts! :D


Posted by Stanpai - January 26th, 2009

I have been working on a submission and it should be done before this week is over. If i can pull it off well, i plan to make two additional animations for the collab. The hardest part will be drawing the character models with a mouse. So much work, but so gratifying in the end. So far, so good.

Also, I will be buying Street Fighter IV. Gamertag: Slingshot24

Now, enjoy this sketch of Ryu!

Street Fighter Collab


Posted by Stanpai - December 3rd, 2008

Well, I've been working on just practicing fbf and video editing but nothing serious has come yet. also, my mic is broken and lost so my current project is on hold. I have some ideas but they come and go without me getting to write them down all the time. My time in school now goes to me making random drawings or minor animations for fun. I want to make something that i will work on non stop, but i just always get distracted and ignore it. frame by frame is tedious when you have to use a mouse :P. Anyway, Something will come, and it will be shown on Newgrounds first!

Now for the Epic part...

Well, i didnt find this video from Comic-Con until today, but i was happy to find it, reason being the question asked to rubberninja at 2:28.

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Yes, the strangest call... well it was mine! :D
I was amazed that it was the strangest call, i figured he'd gotten at least a few of them! :P

anyway, I was happy to see i was mentioned.

Til next time,