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Perfectly Fine

I won't take it out on you for getting front page, that has nothing to do with this review.

In all fairness this is not a bad thing its just hardly anything at all. yes the art is nice but there is nothing to this except for a minimal amount of programming, art, and animation. Again, nothing wrong with it its just not worthy of a perfect score at all due to its length.

imjeffhip responds:

tis the point

Very well done

I myself am in the 71%

I have thought this out quite a bit in life. Excellent survival survey.

Waited a long time for this.

I was waiting for this since you announced it and it was driving me nuts to play it. Now that I have I was expecting a larger soundtrack and its purposely repetitive but hey thats the humor. I like it. Make an update, and make an app for people's phones of it. :P


I get ya, very funny. For those of you completely confused, i give you a joke.

3 guys walked into a bar.
The Fourth guy ducked :3

Very funny, nice art. quite amusing.

great game

the game had suspense and that of a jason film, and when typing in the letterdrop, i felt chills. the only throw back is that jason looks really goofy, which replaced my fears with amusement, and that in the whole game you only see one dead person.
the art was alright, other than that.

the music was great as well, but the jason battle bgm was not that scary.

my last complaint is the battle system was repetitive and boring after one fight.

and btw zachary, you tard, you just clik on the item again in the inventory. duh.

Pretty fun

but too short, too easy for veterans, and frankly, decent work.

RetardedNINJA666 responds:

Thanks for the review

Beat it in 5 mins

this game is rlly fun. i love the art style (5 stars), the controls/combos are great(3 stars), and little tidbits included are awesome(1 star). XBLA PLZ! Other then length, this game is perfect!

I give it one more star cuz you guys just are awesome

i like it

pretty fun. build on it and we have a decent game!

Incredibly useful for beginners.

This guide was the first thing ever added to my favorites list. I have used different elements of it in multiple exploits. In addition to useful and helpful lessons, this has a nice soundtrack, and great animations to keep one interested. I recommend it to all.

big problems

i give you a one for menus but that's it. fix the game plz.

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