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Newgrounds Winter Festival Update #2 - Panel Schedule & Stream Links

Posted by Stanpai - January 19th, 2022


------Quick Links-----

Announcement Post

Winterfest Update #1

Winterfest Update #2



How do you do, fellow Newgrounders! Stanpai here with the next major update for the Newgrounds Winter Fest!

Panel Schedule

It's the moment you've all been waiting for! I proudly present the Newgrounds Winter Fest 2022 schedule!

All times are in EST (Newgrounds Standard Time).


We've got a killer lineup of guests and panelists this year, including @luis, @64bitsanimation, @masakoxtreme, @rina-chan, @kirbopher, @DOMROMART and @StrawberryClock. With a swathe of icons from old and new, we're extremely thrilled about the event schedule this year.

Additionally, we'll have @le-squidjerky and @MayaLaCookie hosting side events of Drawpile and Gartic Phone during the festival for some added fun.

As delineated by the light blue line, the NSFW content blocks will not be broadcast on YouTube, but you can bet our late night panelists will be bringing their A-Game— and by that I mean A-Rated.

Stream Links

Just as with the Summer Fest, all three days of the Winter Fest can be found on the Newgrounds Festivals YouTube channel!

Attendee Registration

For those who want access to the Discord server, be sure to fill out the attendee registration form!

All attendees for the server must be 18 years of age or older and have a Newgrounds account.

Once you have filled out your application, keep an eye on your Newgrounds inbox. @LilSpook will send out the invitation there. Invites can expire so check regularly. Also, please be patient— the applications are reviewed in the order they are received.

Click here to sign up for the Newgrounds Winter Fest!

Art & Assets

Before I talk about how you can get involved with your own art, let me give a HUGE shoutout to @MicroBihon for the absolutely KILLER art for the festival that was chosen for this update's banner!

Same as before, we're also accepting assets and art for use during the festival in two ways! The first is 1920x1080 Wallpapers which will be showcased all throughout the show in between panels. The second is through PNG character assets, some examples of which can be found below!

If you want YOUR art to be showcased in the festival, be sure to upload to the #NGWinterFest2022 tag on the Art Portal!

Event Staff

Your staff members for the Newgrounds Summer Fest 2022 are as follows!






If you have any need of assistance during the event, you can reach out to these team members for help.

That wraps up this update! Unless something pressing comes up, I don't think there will be any further updates to come. We'll see you live on January 28th!





Big excited for the fest this year!

Exciting stuff!

Hold onto your butts!!

I can't wait this is gonna be fun! :>

Looks fun.

Let's fucking go!

noice (^_^)

*watch your insides*


my GOODLORD that line up AAAAA XD

Ill really try my best to attend ahehehihihi

Fun panels. Thanks again for organizing it!

Thanks for having us! :)


What timezone is this set for, asking for a Noob (myself)

EST (Newgrounds Standard Time)

Why does everyone have to be 18+? I realized there is a seperate border for SFW parts of the festival, and NSFW parts, but why does everyone have to be an adult? (sorry if i sound dumb)

Because people post adult content in the server and we don't want any minors near that sort of thing.

@Stanpai ok understandable

Hype n n

that's sound weird and cool at the same time for a newbie like me :) I've didn't try to contribute with any of the newgrounds festival and I think that would be cool

Looking forward to the Voice Acting and Beginner Video Game bits.


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